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Ride in My Cadillac || Hot in the Hole - Live at Hole in the Wall || Cruisin'

Ride in My Cadillac

Ride in My Cadillac
Ride in My Cadillac MP3-sample
But Officer MP3-sample
Down by the Coast MP3-sample
Don't Seem to Listen MP3-sample

Ride in My Cadillac can be purchased in Dallas at CD World, Bill's Records and Forever Young Records. And, soon the CD and other merchandise will be available online through the producer, Deep South Productions.

  1. Ride in My Cadillac (Randy Ball)
  2. But Officer (Brian Wicker)
  3. Down by the Coast (Leo De La Vega)
  4. Don't Seem to Listen (Leo & Richard De La Vega)
  5. She Told Me (Randy Ball)
  6. Let Me Be (Leo & Richard De La Vega)
  7. Cayetano (Leo De La Vega)
  8. My Baby Ain't There (Randy Ball)
  9. Texas Girl (Randy Ball)
  10. I'm Tired of Crying Over You (James A. Lane)
  11. Worlds Apart (Robert Lee Raney)
  12. People Think I'm Crazy (Randy Ball)

Special guests: Joanna Ramirez, Micheal McGuire, Darrel Rash, Rachel McIntruff, Michael Ball, and Smokin' Joe Kubek who appears courtesy of Blind Pig Records.

Hot In The Hole—Live at Hole in the Wall

Silvertone Stomp / Sugar Mama MP3-sample
Let Me Be< MP3-sample
I Got Troubles MP3-sample


Leo's guitar in the back seat of a Cadillac

Linn's guitar
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